Sunday, 26 July 2009

Kathreya at Sinderfella, Leicester Square Theatre

I will be appearing in the Adult Pantomime Sinderfella at the Leicester Square Theatre - 3rd - 30th December.

With me in the panto will be my favorite drag queen, Bette Rinse. I can't wait. I know it will be a lot of laughs, so much fun and Hirrarios!!!

Book your tickets now at ticketweb

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BBLB 12th July 09

I am a fan of Skins, so I was extremely happy to meet the skins twins Megan and Kathryn.

It was great to re-union with George Lamb and Nicky.

The tattoo expert was very interesting to talk to. Chris had just come out of the house and was quite quiet.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hop Farm Festival

Today Big Brother Ladies team won at Celebrity Six Soccer. I was in goal for the final and we won!!! In the boy team, they lost on the final, but they were playing against professional footballers. Dale was heroic in attack and Mo was like a cat in defense, but the pro footballers kicked Mo in the boy marbles TWICE! Nicky and I cheered them on.

Rex was a little hung over today, but we partied at the dance stage.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Big Bang Radio X'mas party Charity!

BANG Radio’s Big BANG Radio Xmas Party took place at Gallery (Hendon Way) on 15th December. The party was huge fun judging by the night’s crank up the Christmas festivities we had some amazing PA’s from Ironik, Spoon Face, Delinquent and BANG Radio’s IronBraydz . The Big BANG Radio Xmas Party was hosted by Darnell and me.Limos for our guests and celebrities provided by AC LimosI feel like a princess got pick up in Limo. We enjoyed the ride and love music light and the d├ęcor in the limo.
The party was good fun. Nice to see Rex sadly he had to go early. Momo and I enjoy the nibble. I was excited to see Darnell perform live for the first time he s the star!!I also enjoy all the performance by rapper and RNB stars. The DJ was so good Bex Step and I hardly left the dance floor.I had so much fun Interview with Tru Life Magazine ,Dirty Media and Bang Radio.I got my eyes on the funky top from Funkwest Nice to meet P. Phillip and his young family. I will need to look at to get X'mas gift for my Prince Charming!I had so much fun and really enjoy the Big Bang X'mas party and feel good coz the Money will go to charity as well!Thank you all my fans for hug and kisses and all the support.I wish you all a very Happy X'mas!!

Kwan Thai Restaurant 11 Dec

What a wonderful day! Having a Thai meal at Kwan Thai Restaurant elegant and modernistic; an unrivalled riverside setting between London Bridge and Tower Bridge." Love the foods and really enjoyed the scenery.

The owner Khun Nong, her generous husband and all the Thai staff was looking after me very well. I love many dishes here but my favorite are Yum Moo Yang (Spicy Grill Pork Salad), Kang Pa Kai (Chicken Jungle Curry) and BBQ King Prawns.

You must try the authentic Thai Restaurant in London 'TRULY FABULOUS RIVERSIDE VENUE'

Sinderfella Adult Panto Press night 4 Dec 08

Thank you Simon G and Peter (The director) Pan Arts Pantomime Team for inviting me to see Sinderfella Adult Panto Featuring Bette Rinse. I loved it so much all the actors and actresses was very good. It was so much fun and enjoyable evening! I laughed and sang all night. I really recommend it! Very fun for X'mas in Victoria London. Book to see with your special one

Darnell and Maysoon looking for New Honey At Vendome 19 Nov.

Darnell and Maysoon are looking for fine young ladies with some swagger who think they've got what it takes to steal the show in a music video. The winner will get the chance to appear in Darnell's first music video and other UK superstar's videos. Congratulations to the winner and well done for Maysoon and Darnell for making such a hard decision. All the girls are very hot!!
Click here for details!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Join Kat & Darnell Hosting X'mas Party - 15th Dec

Bang radio X'mas party Mon 15 Dec 2008

Ticket tel:020 8963 9560

The party is going to be absolutely massive and huge fun judging by the night’s line up.

The Big Bang Radio Xmas Party is going to be hosted by Darnell and Kat from Big Brother 9 (both of whom featured on Life FM’s Big Brother week from 10th - 14th November). 

Darnell now regularly joins Peter Terry to present the lunch time show on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Music will be provided by Life FM’s DJ Pugwash, Viper G, Mark Bart, Blaze Oh My Dayz, DJ Eliyah, OD, Spoon Face and more.

To crank up the Christmas festivities we have lined up some amazing PA’s from Ironik, Spoon Face, Delinquent and Life FM’s IronBraydz 


Gallery is at 407 - 411 Hendon Way, London NW4 3LH
The event takes place between 9:00pm - 2:00am

Dress Code:

Please dress very nicely and leave the sportswear (tracksuits & trainers) and hats at home (unless it’s a red and white Santa Claus hat)


Tickets are £5 in advance only from Life FM (our office is above Abbey National in Harlesden) and £10 on the door.

World AIDS Day Art Festival 24 Nov THT Charity

I was invited by Terrence Higgins Trust (reg. no. 288527) to see the performance and made a speech on the stage to open the World AIDS Day Arts Festival at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester on Monday 24 November. This exciting event was in the form of an evening of dance, drama and entertainment inspired by the issues around HIV and AIDS. It was presented by young people from local schools and colleges.
I met some of the young people involved with the event and the local press to took some photographs for media coverage. The event not only helped raise awareness around the importance of sexual health education for young people, it also raised money for THT's vital work through ticket sales.
I really enjoyed the performance. Thank you THT for inviting me and Thank you for the great show, warm welcome and my giant cookie!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Very Thai Kat's Birthday

I am Thai and wanted to celebrate my birthday in Thai style with my friends and family. I choose fabulous Thai cuisine at the sleek and stylish Thai Square, Covent Garden.
Fantastic atmosphere, wonderful decor and unique venue. Tasty, authentic Thai food in Thai-inspired surroundings. The service was professional, friendly and polite like being in Thailand.
The owner Mr. Haim Danous& Khun Pu was very kind and has been a fabulous host. My friends, family and I really enjoyed my birthday party and really look forward to go back to Thai Square again.
I want all my guests to enjoy the best of Thai wine so I choose Monsoon Valley wine which has won so many award around the world. Thank you Mr. Pete Dolan & Khun Chu for all the delightful wine.
I had a wonderful Very Thai Birthday with all my love one that come from all over.

Some of my friends came from London and some from outside. Thank you to Rachel for coming all the way from Wales with her Brother James. She arrived first and was there with Mo when I arrived. Rachel was kind enough to bring me some Welsh cake and some DVDs that she had told me about when we were in the house. I have already enjoyed the cake and watched some of the DVDs. Rachel was exactly the same as when we were in the house. Kind and Sweet!
Mo brought me a present from his mommy. It was a lovely and useful set of steel chopsticks and long spoons for noodles. Mo was fun as always and he was shy as when Maysoon and her beautiful sister arrived.

Next Darnell and Vanessa arrived. Darnell gave me my towel from the BB house. All the towels in the house were the same, so I sowed a big K into mine. He kept it for me because I didn’t get chance to pack my bags properly. How sweet!

Rex and Nicole came next. They bought me a very naughty present from ‘Agent Prococateur’. I won’t tell you what it was, but I look forwards to having fun with it.
Belinda arrived all the way from Devon. We had lots of fun and she stayed at my happy house. We sang lots of songs. She put her heart and good wishes in a bear called Cookie Power.

Maysoon and her Sister were both sweet and beautiful. Mo and my cousin were left speechless.
Thank you Khun Aey from I-ASIA magazine for helping me organise my fab birthday and for taking such great photos for me. Thank you for special birthday guests, birthday wishes and all the presents. It made my 31 birthday so special!!

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