Monday, 20 October 2008

Back from Turkey

Kat at Kaya Ghost TownKathreya at the Blue Lagoon

Kat with a Turkish Dish I had a great time celebrating my anniversary with my Prince Charming in Olu Deniz, Turkey. We visited the beautiful Blue Lagoon where we could swim in the blue sea which never moved. The water was extremely clear, like swimming in a turquoise swimming pool. I was fascinated by the historical Kaya Ghost Town.

I loved the Turkish people, they are friendly and I especially loved the Turkish Food. My favorite one was the one that comes in a clay and served on fire. You have to crack the pot open to eat it. It is really worth it. Mmmm, yum!


Elle Gwilt said...

Hi Kat!!

did you get to try the Turkish delight sweets there?

Kat Cookie Power said...

Yes I tried the Turkish delight sweets, but I preferred their Baklava which are like little very sweet crispy cookies. Yum!

Elle Gwilt said...

Im surprised U havent been been offered a job promotin mary land cookies!!!!!!That'd be sooo cool...

Kelz said...

Hi Kat,

hope you had a fab time in Turkey!
I'm 15 years old and i am turkish myself.

Did you love the food. What one is your favourite?

I love turkish food too but i love Cookies more.

Take Care x