Friday, 31 October 2008

Kathreya, Rachel n The Big Brother Twins

Kathreya Rachel and Samanda

I was so delighted to see Rachel and the Big Brother twins at the MandM Direct charity event for The Teenage Cancer Trust, 24 Club London On Friday 30 Oct.

Sam & Amanda so sweet I am a big fan of them. They made me 'Glued To Tv' last year ! It was so excited to meeting them, have a nice chat and a good laugh together.
I am always very happy to catch up with my Sweet Rachel and it is great that we did something nice together in this charity event.

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Anonymous said...

Cool. Its nice to see Big Bro housemates together again :D

Meee said...

AWWWWW kat you are looking so nice:D

love to see you having fun xxxx

kathreya for primiester :D