Monday, 10 November 2008

B Block n Sylvia

Darnell Nicole Rex Sylvia Mo and Kathreya
Kathreya and Darnell After Firework party @ Rex's house on Wed 5 Nov, we went to see Darnell n Vanessa at a night club in Chelsea.

I am very happy to see B Block reunited but I miss Rachel!
Good to see Sylvia there.


Paul said...

That's a great pic with all of you
kat, mo, darnell, rex; 4 of my fav bb hm ever. Great people of course and nicole is nice too.
hope to see more of you guys
peace kat

Anonymous said...

Darnell an Rex were cool! Great guys! Miss seeing them on TV :(

clairey ketchup said...

hi kat, great photos. It seems like you all had a great time! I look forward reading your blog abour your birthday party! Hope you had fun!! xxx