Thursday, 18 December 2008

Big Bang Radio X'mas party Charity!

BANG Radio’s Big BANG Radio Xmas Party took place at Gallery (Hendon Way) on 15th December. The party was huge fun judging by the night’s crank up the Christmas festivities we had some amazing PA’s from Ironik, Spoon Face, Delinquent and BANG Radio’s IronBraydz . The Big BANG Radio Xmas Party was hosted by Darnell and me.Limos for our guests and celebrities provided by AC LimosI feel like a princess got pick up in Limo. We enjoyed the ride and love music light and the décor in the limo.
The party was good fun. Nice to see Rex sadly he had to go early. Momo and I enjoy the nibble. I was excited to see Darnell perform live for the first time he s the star!!I also enjoy all the performance by rapper and RNB stars. The DJ was so good Bex Step and I hardly left the dance floor.I had so much fun Interview with Tru Life Magazine ,Dirty Media and Bang Radio.I got my eyes on the funky top from Funkwest Nice to meet P. Phillip and his young family. I will need to look at to get X'mas gift for my Prince Charming!I had so much fun and really enjoy the Big Bang X'mas party and feel good coz the Money will go to charity as well!Thank you all my fans for hug and kisses and all the support.I wish you all a very Happy X'mas!!


Anonymous said...

Steph looks beautiful. Merry Xmas to all of you!


Ellis said...

Lovely to see you enjoying yourself Kat. I really miss seeing you in the house with Rachel and Darnell and all your 'frens'!

All the best.